Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 4, Issue 16 of BrJAC explores the theme Pharmacy & Toxicology through the scientific articles and a feature on “Farmacannabis” - the first laboratory in Brazil to analyze therapeutic products derived from Cannabis. In addition, the Point of View section discusses preformulation optimizing time/resources in the pharmaceutical industry. Sponsor reports present a forensic screening for drugs in urine by HR MS/MS, sample preparation for therapeutic drugs and biological samples analysis, and purification of cannabidiol.
The Editorial is a reflection on the professional profile required for one analyst today and the Letter presents Restricted Access Media (RAM) columns as a greener alternative for LC sample preparation.
You should also read an interview with Professor Isabel Jardim, who received awards such as the 'Unicamp Inventors Award', and features about the 50 years of the Unicamp Institute of Chemistry and the 40th Brazilian Chemistry Society meeting & 46th IUPAC World Congress, held in Brazil.

Enjoy your reading!