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American Laboratory

The American Laboratory® publication is a platform that provides comprehensive technology coverage for laboratory professionals at all stages of their careers. Unlike single-channel publications, American Laboratory® is a multidisciplinary resource that engages scientists through print, digital, mobile, multimedia, and social channels to provide practical information and solutions for cutting-edge results. Addressing basic research, clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, environmental, food and beverage, forensics, and other markets, American Laboratory combines in-depth articles, news, and video to deliver the latest advances in their fields. Read more

LCGC is the premier global resource for unbiased, peer-reviewed technical information on the field of chromatography and the separation sciences. Combining all of the resources from the regional editions (LCGC North America, LCGC Europe, and LCGC Asia-Pacific) of award winning magazines, Chromatographyonline delivers practical, nuts-and-bolts information to help scientists and lab managers become more proficient in the use of chromatographic techniques and instrumentation, thereby making laboratories more productive and businesses around the world more successful. Read more

Scientia Chromatographica

Scientia Chromatographica is the first and to date the only Latin American scientific journal dedicated exclusively to Chromatographic and Related Techniques (Mass Spectrometry, Sample Preparation, Electrophoresis, etc.). With a highly qualified and internationally recognized Editorial Board, it covers all chromatography topics (HPLC, GC, SFC) in all their formats, in addition to discussing many related topics such as "The Pillars of Chromatography", Quality Management, Troubleshooting, Hyphenation (GC-MS, LC-MS, SPE-LC-MS/MS) and others. It also provides columns containing general information for the area, such as: calendar, meeting report, bookstore, etc. Read more

Select Science

SelectScience® promotes scientists and their work, accelerating the communication of successful science. SelectScience® informs scientists about the best products and applications through online peer-to-peer information and product reviews. Scientists can make better decisions using independent, expert information and gain easy access to manufacturers. SelectScience® informs the global community through Editorial Features, Event Coverage, Video and Webinar
programs. Read more


Spectroscopy's mission is to enhance productivity, efficiency, and the overall value of spectroscopic instruments and methods as a practical analytical technology across a variety of fields. Scientists, technicians, and laboratory managers gain proficiency and competitive advantage for the real-world issues they face through unbiased, peer-reviewed technical articles, trusted troubleshooting advice, and best-practice application solutions. Read more