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Notices of Books

Scientific books on Analytical Chemistry recently launched or to be launched soon are presented here.


Nanobiosensors: From Design to Applications
Aiguo Wu, Waheed S. Khan (Editors)
February 2020. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
This book covers biosensors related material in broad spectrum such as basic concepts,
biosensors&their classification, biomarkers&their role in biosensors, nanostructuresbased
biosensors, applications of biosensors in human diseases, drug detection,
toxins, and smart phone based biosensors. Discusses the latest technology and
advances in the field of nanobiosensors and their applications in human diseases,
drug detection, toxins. Read more …
Handbook on Miniaturization in Analytical Chemistry
Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Editor
August 2020. Publisher: Elsevier
Provides fundamentals, interdisciplinary knowledge and primary literature for
researchers who want to fully understand how nano-technologies work. Covering all
stages of analysis, from sample preparation to separation and detection, the book
discusses the design and manufacturing technology of miniaturization and includes
safety risks, ethical, legal and social issues, the economics of nanotechnologies, and a
discussion on sustainability with respect to nano- and lab-on-chip technologies. Read more …
LC-NMR: Expanding the Limits of Structure Elucidation, 2nd Edition
Nina C. Gonnella, Author
January 2020. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group
Comprehensive overview of key concepts in HPLC and NMR required to achieve definitive
structure elucidation with very low levels of analytes. Provides introductory background
to facilitate readers’ proficiency in both areas, including an entire chapter on NMR theory.
Provides guidance in setting up LC-NMR systems, discussion of LC methods that are
compatible with NMR, and an update on recent hardware and software advances for
system performance. Read more …
Modern Supercritical Fluid Chromatography: Carbon Dioxide Containing Mobile Phases
Larry M. Miller, J. David Pinkston, Larry T. Taylor, Authors
November 2019. Publisher: John Wiley & Son
Explains why modern SFC is the leading “green” analytical and purification separations
technology. Covers current SFC instrumentation as it relates to greater robustness,
better reproducibility, and increased analytical sensitivity. Topics covered include:
Milestones of SFC; Physical Properties of SF; Instrumentation for SFC; Detection in
SFC; Achiral SFC Method Development; Chiral SFC... Read more …